Key Client Industry Groups

Central to the company's growth is our experience and success across a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial disciplines.

Demanding and delivering exacting standards is the common theme to our clients. As a precision engineering service provider we ensure that our internal systems are also just as precise and exacting, complementing the industry leading standards our equipment is capable of delivering.

The most demanding requirements for engineering precision (in a production environment) come from the medical and aviation sectors. Industries where lives are dependant on quality systems, traceability and exacting standards.

The Medical, Energy and the Aviation Industries source precision engineering, CNC machining and short run production from Shamrock based on our long record of trustworthy delivery and effective innovation.

To the Plastic Injection Moulding and Rubber Moulding Industries we provide expertise and experience in manufacture of new tools, repairs and maintenance, tool design and consultancy, materials technology. As an independent specialist engineering workshop we are trusted with regular work for the leading moulding companies.

Press Tool Operators, the Printing Industry and the Carpet & Textile Industry turn to Shamrock for precision engineering, machining, grinding and wire cut services. From new tooling design through to refurbishment and repair, Shamrock has an in-house capability and equipment few suppliers can match.

Electronic Equipment Manufacturers view Shamrock as a natural fit for sourcing specialised jigs and fixtures, automated test mechatronics, HALT & HASS accelerated stress testing equipment. Our workshop and quality systems are aligned with the requirements of high-tech manufacturing companies.

Shamrock designs and builds one-off OEM equipment for use in production environments. Industries as diverse as Test Laboratories, the Bakery Industry, the Cable & Wire Manufacturers and the Newspaper publishing industry utilise Shamrocks unique design-build capability to upgrade their production systems.

See the Rapid Wrapper for an excellent example of Shamrocks innovation leading to a new equipment design and product. Shamrocks Beef Boning Aid has also been widely adopted by the Beef Abattoirs as an important productivity aid.


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